The Trade Monitoring System is a portal that hosts trade forms (Forms NXP, A and NCX).

You can access the TRMS on www.tradesystem.gov.ng

Every registered exporter can use the system.

You need a valid TIN from FIRS/Joint Tax Board.

At any FIRS/Joint tax board office. Update your TIN with an email address and valid phone number.

For every e-Form NXP application, you need a proforma invoice that you have issued to your trading partner for the specific consignment.

Yes. The TRMS is web based and is available as long as you have internet connection.

No. you only need to complete the form online and it is available to all stakeholders.

Yes. You can save at every stage of completion.

It is valid for 180 days after which your processing bank can extend the validity for another 90 days.

Yes. As long as shipment has not occured.

No. when you complete online, it becomes available to all relevant agencies.

Notifications will be sent via email at every stage of the transaction.

A processing bank is the bank that validates and processes the NXP form while a designated bank is where NESS Levy is paid.

Yes. A processing bank can also be a designated bank.